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January 2022 - NWADG Article

The Law Enforcement Training Facility will be incorporating the latest technology to enhance public safety.

Bentonville is the only city in Northwest Arkansas without our own training facility for our emergency personnel. With Bentonville's continued growth, it has not been easy to utilize the facilities of others.


The Training Facility would include:

  • A virtual de-escalation and judgmental use-of-force training simulator

  • A live outdoor range

  • K9 training area

  • Training building used to house range equipment

  • Bomb Squad/Special Response Team Training Area, and other Specialty Training

Vira-Tra De-escalation Simulator

  • Received January 31, 2022

  • Installation and training took place from 1/31/2022 to 2/4/2022

  • The system is operational and we will be utilizing this immediately for in-service training, Citizens Police Academy, and other Community Engagement programs.

  • Currently set up at the Bentonville Police Department

Total cost to include equipment, installation, training, and warranty



Law Enforcement Training Facility

Benefits - Simulation Training - VirTra Simulation V-300

  • VirTra helps prepare law enforcement officers for real-life incidents so they can return home safely after each shift. Each real-world, de-escalation and judgmental use of force training simulator has realistic scenarios that provide an in-depth look into human performance. The demands of law enforcement to make critical decisions in tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations require that the human performance aspect of cognitive neuroscience and human physiology are taken into account as part of the police training. This will allow our officers to utilize all tools available during simulation, which may be limited or unable to duplicate on just a live-fire range. 

  • This equipment and facility would be available for other agencies to utilize to benefit the NW Arkansas law enforcement region.

  • Continuous use available for in-house training, Citizens Police Academies, Youth Academies, and public education. 

  • 5 screens- 4k technology - system includes numerous scenarios incorporating programs specific to firearms and teaching some of the latest law enforcement training.  Examples include the following:  Implicit Bias Training under Use of Force Training/ Scenarios (partnered with Force Science), Autism Awareness Training, Officer Communication Skill Sets, Crisis De-Escalation, Crisis Intervention Training, Active Shooter Scenarios, High-Risk Vehicle Stops, Mental Illness, etc.  

  • V-VICTA™ training is included with the system and provides law enforcement departments all the necessary tools to instill proper training and knowledge transfer to its students. The accredited interactive coursework that accompanies the scenarios for the full training program for a turn-key solution that:

    • Enables law enforcement agencies to teach effectively, train, test, and sustain departmental training requirements

    • Includes Interactive Virtual Coursework with a Master Manual with Pretest, PowerPoint, Test Answer Keys and Student Manual, and Post Test.


Benefits - Outdoor Range

  • Outdoor range with 60 ft bullet trap to capture all lead. This keeps the range within best management practices according to EPA in regards to reclamation and recycling. The collected lead can be sold back to specific companies. 

  • The outdoor setup allows the facility to be used for many types of training events to include K9 training, less-lethal training, and various courses of instruction specific to law enforcement. 

  • 40 ft x 60 ft x16 ft steel building will house target equipment and an indoor virtual simulator that can be used anytime by officers 24/7.

  • Will allow Police Department to continue to meet the State of Arkansas, Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST), and Bentonville Police Department internal standards for firearms training, while increasing opportunities for advanced training.

Outdoor Training Facilities

  • Bid award to Crowder Construction

  • K9 obstacle course to be completed on August 31, 2023.

  • Bullet trap from action target delivered on August 14, 2023 with installation taking place August 22-26, 2023.

Shooting Range 2.png
Shooting Range.png
TX_Game Wardens13.jpg

The outdoor range would be constructed on 20 acres of city-owned land near the Bentonville Armory just off Regional Airport Road. 

BPD Range Proposal.jpg


Training Facility


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