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Bond Extension



What are bonds?

Bonds encourage investment in the City. The City hires financial advisors and underwriters who determine the value of the bonds that we can sell within a safe margin. We will issue bonds valued up to a certain amount, as approved by voters, and those bonds will be purchased by investors. The advisors and underwriters will monitor the market and recommend the sale of the bonds at the most appropriate time.

The investors who purchase the bonds earn interest on their investment. Each year, we pay the principal and the interest on the bond debt, and that interest goes to the investors. When we retire the bonds, we pay the investors back the face value of the bond.


Will the bond issue increase taxes?

No. The bond issue will simply continue the current 1% sales and use tax that was levied in 2007, as approved by Bentonville voters.


If the tax is approved by the voters will all the projects be completed?

Each project area must be voted on by the citizens of Bentonville. There will be nine questions on the ballot. It is important to understand that for any of the project areas to be funded the first questions regarding the refunding bonds and tax extension must pass. If the refunding question and tax extension question are approved then the funding would be available for the projects approved by the citizens on the other seven ballot questions. 


Whom do I contact for questions about the bond?

If you have any questions about finances related to the bond program, please contact the Director of Administration & Finance Jake Harper at

For information about projects included in the bond, please email


When is the special election?

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Where do I vote?

You can vote at any polling locations in Bentonville. Learn more on the voter information page.

Before you show up to the polls, you must be registered. You can click any of the links below for voter registration resources and information:

Arkansas Secretary of State's Elections Division
Benton County Clerk's Election Commission


You can register at the Bentonville Public Library which is located at 405 S Main Street
Bentonville, AR. Forms are available in English and in Spanish.

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